Tuesday, April 22, 2008

long time no see


introducing.....me! i bet all of u will not familiar with the name but i bet u guys will remember if say i was the most 'nakal' and 'gangster' girl ever alive in the history of Al'amin..hahaha..at least in our batch..huhu..greetings comrades!!!!

i am still alive!yay!!.. ;p and living happily with my family in sungai merab..ooopppss..pinggiran putrajaya..i just knew about this 1986 blog and i think it would be a great way for us to say 'hi' to each other since our batch is equally dispersed all around the world...

oh yes..before i forget..i have to remind all of u that u guys used to call me wan since my full name is wan saffana wan mohtar but since my mother addresses me as safi, i asked everyone else to call me safi as well..so do not mistaken me for another person okay..i am me!!huhu still bold and evil!!muahahahaahhaah!!

oki doki, enough with the introduction, i actually have final posting exam tomorrow..just passing by to say 'HI'!!! okeh..c ya ;p..salam..

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